195030, Россия, г.Санкт-Петербург, ул.Коммуны, 67, лит. Ж
Тел: (812) 347-78-47 Факс: (812) 325-77-75

Welcome to the CHIMEX Limited corporate web site

«CHIMEX Limited» - is the scientific-industrial firm, founded in 1991 г. For production of:

  • Epoxy resins, blends, hardeners, accelerators, active diluents and another products.

    We deliver our production to all regions of the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Nahodka as well as to many other countries. Among our partners are the leading companies in chemical, construction, food, ship, airspace, electrical industries and scientific-research institutes.

    «CHIMEX Limited» proposes to its customers only highly qualified production. We have elaborated and certified in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 the management quality system to the production of the most important epoxy resin brands.

    «CHIMEX Limited» does not limit its activity only with chemical production. Based on dealer’s and partner’s agreements we deliver:

  • Technical chemistry from
  • -Akzo Nobel;
  • -BASF;
  • -Dow; 
  • -Delamine;
  • -Huntsman;

  • Chemical reagents and analytical equipment from
    - MERCK KGaA;
    - OXOID;

  • Ooligonucletides

Besides, we are always ready to deliver all necessary for you production from other firms on your request!

Chemical reagents and analytical devices are delivered to scientific-research institutes; to firms, specialized in biotechnical and microbiological areas; to beer brewing and cosmetics companies; to analytical laboratories of various companies; to quality control centers of production. The range of production is constantly enlarged taking into consideration the customer’s requests.

Why do our customers apply to us?
Because we can propose to them:

  • High quality of delivered production.
  • Individual approach, attentive attitude to customers and highly qualified personnel.
  • Free of charge catalogues of firms, technical documentation and materials on all products you are interested in.
  • Auto-, airplane-, ship transportation.
  • Delivery of products in the storehouse at customer’s agreement.
  • Conclusion of long-term contracts and storage of necessary for you products and materials in our storehouse.

Address: 67-B, Kommuny str., Saint-Petersburg, 195030, Russia.

How to get : Metro station «Ladozhskaya», taxi-bus № 397(92-А) to
ОАО «Plastpolymer»;
Metro station «Lenina sq.», taxi-bus № 37 to OAO “Plastpolymer»

Our specialists are always ready to help you!
Our technical potential and many-years experience are at your disposal!

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